Tuesday, December 27, 2011

September in a Snap

We started September celebrating Grandma Merrill's birthday. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed seeing everybody.

PRESCHOOL: Abigail started preschool. It is at our neighbor's home - so we don't go far. We mostly decided to start her so she could have opportunities to be with other children. She loves to see her friends each week - and she is learning lots, too.
On the first day she really had no interest in my desires to take pictures. She just wanted to go see her friends.

She really wasn't interested in my picture taking wishes - nor did she agree with my ideas of what to wear on the first day of school.... Oh well!! She still looked cute in her chosen outfit and hair style.... She chose everything.

We went on her first field trip to the museum at Falcon Field.... We had lots of fun!

She continues to enjoy going to dance class.... Her teacher does such a wonderful job!

Abigail is just getting so big so fast.... We are trying to savor our time with her. Sometimes all Mommy and Daddy can do is just smile at each other - because she melts our hearts.

Rapuzel is a favorite in our house.

These things bring Abigail lots of joy - I love that children find joy in little things.
My piano finally made it into the house....It still took some time to get it tuned, but we made progress slowly, but surely... and now we are trying to figure out how to make two pianos fit in our front room.

Blogging Catch Up

The holidays have come and gone. (We almost have Christmas put away.)...My holiday concert season has finished....I am on a break from subbing and piano lessons.....So, I am hoping to play blog catch-up today -- since it is record keeping for my family.

Hope 2011 was a good year to everyone -- that despite trials and heartache you were able to find joy and blessings.

John, Kim, & Abigail

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disney Magic

I hope to play blog catch-up soon, but not until the tornado that came through my house is a little more cleaned up.... We had a great time on our family trip to Disneyland. We just wish that we didn't have to leave Daddy behind for school.

We tried out Mickey's Halloween Party, but we must have picked the busiest night ever. Oh well! We tried to have fun.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes....

While watching conference this morning and coloring with her Daddy...."Mommy, I want to marry the Temple."

Monday, September 19, 2011


My friend's daughter attends EMECEC and they are having a fundraiser. I was trying to help her out with spreading the word - plus the deal to Fitness Works seems like an awesome deal. I am very tempted myself. A three month membership for $20 is a steal!!

If you would like more information, leave me a comment and I will get you in contact with her. Orders are due October 2nd.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Opinions-Christmas Fun

Anyone have recommendations for a fun "Polar Express" like train adventure for Christmas time? I have looked up the ones from Greer, Grand Canyon (Williams), and Globe. We are trying t0 figure out if we can squeeze it into the budget and which one Abigail (and maybe some cousins) would like best. Anyone been to one before?


Summer Project

I think it was April that my very kind brother and husband drove quite the distance to look at a piano I could get a good deal on. I wasn't too thrilled about it's color - so I have recently finished staining it to a medium dark brown. It took me a long time between other things going on and the incredible heat. It's didn't stain as evenly as I hoped and it is taking more space than I imagined, but I am happy to add it to my super nice electronic one.... Anyone know of a good piano tuner that won't cost me an arm and a leg - as I really barely have a finger to pay. My father-in-law and I will most likely be able to keep it tuned in the future, but since it hasn't been tuned since the 70s - I figure a professional should do it this time around.... Anyone have someone they recommend?

What a Big Girl

This little girl is growing up so fast that I can hardly keep up (but yet I hear it only gets faster).

She has pretty much mastered potty training - with the help of grandma and parent bribes...and lots of excitement and praise in her success (thanks to those who let us make a big deal about it when Abigail called to tell you)

She absolutely loves her Mickey tricycle and Tangled doll - and has learned how much she hates to give them back.

Modeling her own Tangled hair

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To the Very Best Nonna

We lost our beloved Nonna yesterday. She was one of the hardest working, heart of gold, devoted to the Lord's work, people I have ever met. John and I were blessed with some wonderful grandparents. It has been hard to say good-bye to them. Nonna could have some crazy ideas, but she had more life, joy, and fun than most people. She will truly be missed. We enjoyed just being with John's family tonight and remembering Nonna.

Thank you for your wonderful life. We love you and miss you! We are sure you are still sharing the gospel. See you on the other side!
Love-John, Kim and Abigail

Friday, July 15, 2011

May Mania

May was a very full and busy month. It was concert season for my music stuff; John was taking finals; my baby sister got married; we went on a vacation-camping in the White Mountains (that we are pretty sure look nothing like when we went now that the fire went through)....

Grandama Merrill treated the younger grandkids to a trip to the Aquarium (while the older ones were still in school).

Abigail loved it!!!

She even spoiled us more with lunch, carousel rides, and some clothes shopping.

We used two weekends for Mikell and Marilee's wedding festivities. Winslow welcomed us from our camping trip with LOTS of wind. My family has arrived earlier to decorate - which became difficult when the power went out.

She likes to wear our shoes and dress herself.

Abigail thought she was so cool sitting in the driver's seat at the campsite.

We arrived before the Memorial Day crowds and had elk in our campground the first night.

Abigail kept trying to be strong like her Daddy.

Our trip went pretty smoothly. We just had some stress getting out the door - and then left our jackets behind. We drove into town to find something to keep warm - there's always got to be something, right? It is the wrong season for warm stuff, but we found sweatshirts.

They had a free craft for kids - Abigail still talks about her birdy feeder.

Abigail loved it when we went out on the lake - except each time she remembered how much she hated the life jacket. (It was crying then laughter and excitement back and forth.)

When John started the fire, Abigail would yell "Happy Birthday" and get all excited...

Camping was a blast, but next time we will bring a friend for Abigail or go camping with another family -- Abigail started getting a little sad when she saw other kids at the end.

We stopped by the Snowflake Temple on our way to Winslow.

We couldn't leave Winslow without Uncle Mikell taking us to "the corner".

Then - we woke up and May was over....