Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Our Easter Festivities were spread out over three weekends - each with an Easter Egg hunt. Abigail soon learned that the eggs meant candy and loved them. She was spoiled with treats from her grandmas. We had a great time and are so grateful for what Easter means to us.

Jones Family Party

Easter Sunday

We went to my parents between Conference sessions to have brunch, but first we all met at the Cemetery to visit my brother. I definitely get emotional in a new way since I have now had my own preemie baby. I tried to tell Abigail about him, but only said a couple of words before I was in tears. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and Forever Families.

John, Abigail and Nonna

This is probably the best shot I got of her in her Easter dress -- and I couldn't even get it with her looking at me.

Riding Family Easter Party

Merrill Family Party (John's Extended Family)

Devouring a cookie -- She's got a sweet tooth apparently -- and we try to limit her sweets

Loving petting a dog one of the cousins brought

Colorado Trip -- finally finished with this post

We've been wanting to go visit John's sister and her family in Colorado for awhile now.... so mid-April we took an extended weekend there. It was Abigail's first time on an airplane, and considering, she did awesome! The flight crew on the way there even gave her a certificate documenting it as her first flight.

We didn't get there on the flight we originally purchased for 7:45P.M. because it was delayed until 9:05P.M. for maintenance. I was not hanging around the terminal if I could help it. With the help of one of those awesome tram driver guys we got to Gate D from Gate C in record time, with just a few minutes to spare and make the 6:55P.M. flight. We could change our flight for free because it was their delay, but our luggage had to come with the original flight. We still had some airport wait time, but I was so glad it was after our flight. We got to Liz's pretty late, but it all worked out.

Once we all got going Friday morning and Andrea got back from her half day at school (it was cool -- the other two girls happened to have the whole day off from school) Liz took us to the Denver Zoo.

Looking at the Grizzly Bears.

This orangutan came and sat right up against the window. We thought it seemed like she was a wise mother coming over to tell us something with the way she was looking at us.

Abigail had fun with Aunt Liz and her cousins....I was telling Liz I thought this shot looked like it was a "secret" shot of someone famous. Liz is wearing sunglasses and it is very candid.

Abigail decided on new ways to use her stroller at the zoo.

Nadia loved being able to push Abigail -- can you see Abigail is looking very ready for a nap?

Liz treated us to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes....Abigail is very into shutting doors right now, and as we were leaving she was trying very hard to close the automatic closing door. It took its time to close and there was Abigail pushing with all of her might trying to close it. We were all laughing from that one.

Enjoying game time with Uncle Johnny

Abigail LOVED, LOVED getting to sit at this table to eat (thinking about getting one for her)! We just love her face in this picture.

My grandma gave me a Samantha book one year for Christmas -- and I have been a fan since. However, I am not thrilled that they discontinued making Samantha. Anyway! This is the new store that recently opened -- and so since Liz and her girls are fans, we made a visit.

Outside the Denver Temple

Chatfield State Park

Uncle John showing the nieces how to skip rocks on the lake water

I just think this is a super cute picture of our little girl - showing how much fun she was having.

Enjoying being a "big girl" at her cousin's table

Hiking at Roxborough State Park

Abigail was the center of attention - and I think she knew it. Aunt Liz taught her to say "Hooray!" while putting her hands in the air and then having us imitate her. I think Abigail enjoyed watching us "big people" be goofy! Too bad I couldn't get the camera to snap a picture at the exact time she was making the happy looking faces.

Enjoying flying a kite with her cousins - just before we left for the airport

Hanging out in the airport.... Abigail kept wanting to go on the moving walk-way

Safely off the plane home