Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adventures in Toddler World

My dad asked John the other day if Abigail ever stops moving -- the answer is no. This little girl is always on the move. Sometimes I have recently put her in her crib and turned a movie on just to keep her contained.

Currently....Our last trip to the doctor had her weighing over 24lbs. She has 12 teeth, including four molars. She loves to dance and run around. She says variations of mom and dad and also a "dee-ga" sound that she says once or multiple times in a row. She is good at folding her arms and imitating more and more of what we do. It is cute when she automatically folds her arms just because the TV is muted or turned off. It is also cute to see how fast she responds when we put music on.

Her Exersaucer converted to a play center -- which John quickly put away when I found this....

She has, fortunately for us, not discovered crib climbing -- so we will see how long the crib lasts for us.

She was quite happy to help me with a batch of brownies.

Modeling the hat Grandma Amy gave her for Easter.

Having fun with the dress-up accessories that came with a Cinderella book I found on clearance while in Colorado.

Still doing breathing treatments at least twice a day -- sometimes we can get away with leaving her in the recliner like that.

Having fun with Daddy on the stairs. He was pretending to teach her a phrase in Italian.

She likes to help throw away her diapers -- but this also includes a new love for the trash can and sometimes throwing others things in there. Sometimes she escapes during diaper changes and its towards the bathroom -- she sits on the toilet occasionally...nothing yet.

She discovered some juice boxes in the pantry and now keeps going for them.

Having fun with Daddy on the piano.

This is rare, but I heard her fussing while eating lunch -- only to look over and see this was happening....

She learned to climb on the recliner and couches -- We used to put things on the top of the couch to keep them from her...not any more

Having fun at a local splash pad.

This little cutie is into everything and sometimes hard to keep up with, but we love it. She is full of smiles and laughter. We just keep finding more reasons to lover her.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swimming Time

Abigail was a little unsure at first, but has fun in her little pool. The giraffe sprayer didn't turn out like I expected (sprays kind of hard), but the slide is fun. As you can see, she is also just a big fan of water from the hose.

We also go to our community pool sometimes (no pictures yet). We practice things like kicking, bubbles, and the monkey walk, but we also just have fun playing. John and I love to see her smile when we are playing together in the pool. She is not a fan of floaties, but she likes the floaty thing she can sit and float in. I am not excited about the heat, but swimming is fun!!

Finished Project

It's another late posting, but here is our completed yard. I love it!! We have Abigail's little slide and swing out there, and I love being able to go outside and play. She loves it, too. The other night we bought Sonic for dinner and had a picnic out back. There are days where I wish for a more traditional single family home (compared to being in a triplex) with a good sized yard, but I feel that this is our home for now, and with my current yard situation, I feel so much more content. I just really wanted a place for our kids to play -- that didn't involve me trucking us all to a tot lot or park. It may be just a little yard, but it's our yard and I love it!! (and the new landscaping just makes it feel bigger)

Thatcher Trip #2

Our second trip to Thatcher was for Spring Sing and to attend the Open House for the Gila Valley Temple.

The two years I spent at Eastern Arizona College are incredibly memorable for me. Though some things are quite cheesey when you stop and think about it, the memories are very dear to me and what I needed at that point in my life.... My sisters and I are now all EAC Choir Alumni. At the end of each Spring Sing all Alumni are invited to join in singing the last song. This was the first time all four of us were there to sing it together.

In the lobby after the show, Abigail discovered it is fun to ride on Daddy's leg.

The Temple is beautiful. It is still taking getting used to seeing a gorgeous Temple right off the highway as you are approaching Thatcher. We attended the Open House with some of my mom's side of the family.... I love that I come from extended families that love to do things together. Our big numbers may overwhelm some people, but I love it! I loved being in the Temple with my little family and thinking how we can be Together Forever!

My immediate family (minus my brother's family who couldn't make the trip) with both of my grandmas.

Thatcher Trip #1

The last few weeks has been very busy for our little family. On top of our awesome trip to Colorado and family Easter gatherings, the choir I play for had a big fundraising dinner/concert, and we went to Thatcher, AZ to see my two sisters. Our first trip was to see the school musical. This year it was "The Putman County 25th Annual Spelling Bee". The small part of it I got to see -- I really liked. My sisters are awesome performers. I knew Marilee's voice had really blossomed (or whatever you want to call it), but I had not heard Tiffany in awhile. Wow!

Mine and John's question was, however, if a musical like that can make it to Broadway, why can't his cousin Rob's ("Blackbeard") make it? Anyway! That is just our little commentary. It was a good musical, but so is Rob's.

We left half-way through because I couldn't even keep Abigail quiet out in the lobby. She was just wanting to be into everything, but I should count my blessings she wasn't grumpy because we learned a couple days later that she had double ear infections -- explaining the cry outs at night we were having.

For about the last decade my family has been making trips to Thatcher with often having a daughter or two there. The trips are usually very quick. John and I decided to make a day trip out of this one and not rush so much. We stopped in Globe for awhile and also attempted a picnic at San Carlos Lake. We almost missed out chances to meet Jefferson, Tiffany's new good friend--who we all really like, but that all worked out, too. (We are excited to see what happens there -- really great guy!)

San Carlos Lake -- Our picnic didn't last very long. A cute little girl only wanted to run for the water.

Having fun at a nearby park as we waited for the show to start.

What's the matter with this picture?

I am not quite sure when the remote ended up in the dishwasher and if it was me or Abigail that put it in there. I just remember trying to stop her from "helping" me with the dishes. I am just glad I realized it before the dishwasher was started.... What a cutie! I found her climbing in the pantry this morning - now that she knows there are some juice boxes in there.... Hopefully, I catch up on blogging soon -- lots of adventures with our explorative toddler.