Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Birthday Party

**Sorry to those who wondering where this post has been. I was going through pictures from the different cameras, and it has just been a busy couple of weeks....

It seemed to come so quickly -- my baby's first birthday party. I tried to keep it very simple so that I could enjoy it as much as possible. We were surrounded by close family and friends (who I pretty much count as family, anyway). We ate BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches, with some salads people were so kind to bring. We enjoyed visiting and celebrating that our little miracle was healthy and having a birthday.

I also wanted to give a little shout out of thanks to my sweet husband. He pretty much was the one running around at the party, keeping things going -- I didn't even ask or anything. He just knew I wanted to soak up the moment, and he is just wonderful. (He was pretty tired when we got home.)

Thank you to those who spoiled Abigail with so many wonderful gifts. And -- thank you to so many who have loved and supported us this last year (and throughout our whole lives).

My parents have a large backyard and allowed us to have the party there.... a big thank you to my parents and sisters for getting the yard and house ready.

I was okay with no decorations (except a banner and table cloths or something), but how could I pass up these cute princess lantern things when my sister found them on clearance for $0.25 each??

Aunt Wendi (my sister) was so very gracious and made her a cute princess carriage cake.

Abigail's first Legos -- if you know my husband, you know this was needed

Abigail and Brisa -- with their mommies: Kim & Emilie.... My cousin and I are two weeks apart, and have managed to do many things together throughout life -- even when we didn't mean to. So, it was quite funny when we discovered we were both pregnant - then had the same due date - and to keep it going, we were both having girls!!! (**and no, we did not mean to match at the birthday party**)

Abigail with her friends -- well, at least that's how the mommies hope they turn out....

Happy Birthday!!.... You can't see the balloon she got from Toys'RUs.... We stopped by there on the way home from her one year check-up to look for batteries that were one sale.... She had a great doctor visit, minus the shots!!

I was trying to get a final "weekly measuring bear" picture -- you can see how much she wanted to stay still

What a big girl with her measuring bear!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trouble, Trouble -- Look Out!

Tonight -- I was cleaning off the counter and John was unloading the dishwasher.... backs were turned only momentarily, but a moment is all she needed to attempt in helping Daddy.... John was shocked when he turned back around after putting something away. I couldn't help but to grab the camera.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy First Birthday Abigail!!

Wow!! What a year.... This little girl is just amazing!! She received a good bill of health at her one year check-up this morning. Neither one of us had smiles during her shots, but we made it through (and I wasn't even getting poked).

It seems like just yesterday in some ways that I had begun not feeling well again....

More Remembering....
Friday was a fairly uneventful day for me at the hospital. Things were looking good for me to keep Abigail inside baking a little longer. I had some visitors and mostly just relaxed. Saturday started out to be the same way, too. Around 4:30 I started feeling uncomfortable. The nurse treated me for gas first because of my symptoms and the large quantity of antibiotics and such I was on. After the shift change things kept getting worse. The previous nurse informed the next nurse.... Longer story shorter, the nurse probably spent the first half of her shift mostly with me. John was about to head home for the night, but the nurse told him she didn't think that was a good idea.

We think it was about midnight when I was moved to a Labor and Delivery room. The things the nurse was trying was not stopping labor, and they could only do so much before needing to let nature run its course.... I became pretty out of it from medication, but was in a good deal of labor pain. Apparently, I was more coherent during a contraction than not. Eventually, I was given an epidural -- oh happy day!!

It was time to just wait.... Just after 4:00A.M. - it was time. I remember at some point turning to John and expressing concern for not being able to protect her anymore inside of me. Besides that, I continued to remain blessed with peace in knowing everything was happening just as it should.

The room filled with many people. There was some pushing, and a beautiful little girl was born -- and gave us a little cry. It was the only sound I was able to hear from her for the first three weeks because of the ventilator...

Some days were long and hard, others were just wonderful. Some days I longed to have her home and hold her without anything attached.... Now, I have this beautiful little girl crawling all over me and anything else she can get into.

I just feel so blessed. Between people I know and seeing different situations in the NICU, I know that it is amazing that Abigail is doing so well. I am just so grateful to have her here.... Thank you to everyone for your help in this first year.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


A year ago today (November 5th) it was a Wednesday. I went to work like I usually did. It was a carpool day with John -- I liked those days. I didn't have to drive; the commute was quicker; and it was time with John.... I remember what I was wearing, because it was one of my new maternity outfits. I had bought it a couple of weeks before, and I was trying to dress a little nicer that day because we were going to my cousin's reception on our way home from work.... At my doctor's appointment two or three weeks before everything was looking good, and he said I was now into the quiet part of pregnancy.

I had been battling a bad cold the days for a while, but I was beginning to sort of get over it. I should have probably used some sick days, but I was saving the few I had for maternity leave. (I came really close that Monday.) I remember my stomach feeling a little tight that day, but nothing that kept me from working -- and I had heard multiple times about the way you feel when pregnant. I was tired, but who isn't when you are pregnant.

I don't remember much about the school day, except for telling my second graders that I would see them tomorrow. I know that afterschool I was organizing reading records into a binder. I also recall having a cell phone conversation with a long-time friend (since YW days)
.... John picked me up and we were off to the reception. I was tired, but it was a free meal, and I enjoy seeing my family. We posed with some family members for pictures at our table, including probably one of my last with my grandpa (as he fell shortly after Abigail's birth, and passed away just before she came home). We didn't stay long, but we got sympathy -- I must have looked really tired and worn out.

We didn't do much when we got home. I remember secretly ordering a Lego Holiday Train Set with the help of John's sister -- a surprise that John loved.... Somewhere around 10 or so we were upstairs reading our scriptures - when I suddenly felt a sensation I had not felt before. I went to the bathroom, but didn't see any blood -- thought that was all I needed to look for. We finished getting ready for bed and went to sleep.

I don't remember when or how many times I felt that sensation again, but at about one-something I awoke with being somewhat wet. I woke John up, who almost immediately went to the computer and was researching symptoms. We made calls to parents, my friend that is a nurse, and the doctor. I was starting to feel a little achy now, and occasionally getting the chills.

It was off to the hospital. John thought it was funny that I was in shorts and grabbing a blanket (instead of just wearing pants), but the shorts were comfortable. I called my cousin, a teacher, to see if she could sub for me. She was subbing at the time, waiting for her little one to come -- we had the same due date.

We got into the hospital pretty fast, and it didn't take long to determine it was amniotic fluid. I was put on magnesium, and we started a waiting game. I was told I would not be going home until this baby was born - which could be in hours, but hopefully weeks. Our parents soon arrived (We' ve become good at keeping them up at night), and John and my dad gave me a priesthood blessing. I don't remember much, except being blessed to have patience with what would be happening -- words I would work hard to remember the next few months, but yet also rely on. I also remember feeling at peace, a blessing I also felt in the miscarriage. Whatever was happening was supposed to be happening.

We were transferred to a labor and delivery room until labor stopped. My cousin arrived around 5:30 to talk about school. Our parents eventually went home, and John left mid-day to get a shower and stuff. A friend came by with a basket of goodies to keep me busy and a Jamba Juice - which I loved. My hospital meal wasn't appealing to me. (Later, my food was just fine, but that time it wasn't.) I couldn't do much, as I was hooked up to multiple machines and monitors. Going to the restroom was a chore, and it seemed frequent -- seeming as how I was being pumped with fluids.

It was sometime in the afternoon of the 6th that I was moved to an antepartum room -- with hopes of keeping my baby inside for awhile longer.

The one belly shot I got -- the Sunday before, about 24 weeks (besides an early one back in August)

Here we are hanging out in the first labor and delivery room.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Zoo Trip

Abigail and I recently returned from a sort of last minute trip to the zoo. My cousin is in town (and leaving tomorrow), and we were looking for something for us to do together. So, we took a trip on over to the zoo. Abigail wasn't really in to the animals, but I think it is because she does not really know what they are yet, and she probably had a hard time seeing what I was pointing at with the trees and leaves. However, she had a great time just being social.

I was hoping for a nap before heading to rehearsal, but Abigail is up from her car nap -- so, I will post about our trip instead (and hope I get her back down soon.)

"Hmm.... I think I may have found something interesting in here."

"What? Haven't you seen a baby ride a gator before?"

"This wall thing is much more interesting than posing for a picture."

And a fun time was had by all. (Thanks, Emilie!!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Anyone know where October or the last year went?? Last Halloween I was tired from a day of working/teaching -- and pregnancy making me more tired. I was in the weird transition stage where your regular clothes aren't fitting and maternity clothes aren't really fitting either.... This Halloween I was dressing up our adorable little girl and enjoying being a mommy (even if she will never remember this one).

**Question: Anyone know how to stop a baby from grinding her teeth together? It can't possibly be good for her teeth, and the sound can about send me up the wall.**

We let Abigail try a Halloween cupcake. She was more into the frosting than the cupcake.

A Disney Halloween outfit from the Aunties and their recent Walt Disney World trip.

Another Halloween outfit, courtesy of Old Navy's $2.00 sale.... I got some cute pajamas there also, but didn't get a picture before she got them dirty.

Finishing up Trick-or-Treating

Abigail was very UNthrilled about putting a costume on, but she eventually got used to the idea.

Jackpot!! -- but she doesn't know what she really has, but won't have.... She did get to try a sucker -- which she liked, except when it fell from the stroller and she didn't get it back