Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christmas Festivities

The holidays may have ended over two months ago, but I still wanted to post for my own family journaling.... We had a very busy, but fun holiday season. Since both of our families live nearby, we had lots of family parties to attend.

Here is just a cute picture of Abigail and I posing together. It is not often we can get her to pose for a picture anymore.

I don't have more pictures, but we had fun enjoy pizza, desserts and family. Abigail had a blast running around with so many cousins-even if they are second cousins and only see each other at Easter and Christmas. Plus, she and her cousin Sara always have a good time.

We were joking that you know your family is big when they have to go to a church building to have a family party - but we wouldn't trade the big families for anything!!

Having fun with Grandpa Kyle. These two each had to do whatever the other was doing.

Helping with the Nativity


We did a couple of things with my family in hopes of seeing everyone. My sister's fiance was going back home to be with his family for Christmas - so we had a fun breakfast before he left. It let us say we were officially all together.

We spend Christmas Eve with John's family. We dress up in our Sunday best and enjoy a delicious feast by Grandma and Grandpa - which usually includes handmade tortellini that we come help make (though we missed helping this year). We then enjoy singing Christmas carols, reading the nativity, and... opening gifts.

This we did a gift exchange between famliy members. Abigail loves the doll she got from her cousin. It can go in the bath with her.
We enjoyed a nice and simple Christmas morning together. However, I am sad that I never took a family picture or pictures of our other gifts - like the bike and trailer Santa and John got for me. I love celebrating Christmas with little ones.

Mickey greeted Abigail under the tree. It is a tradition I am hoping to start - where each kid will have their stuffed animal in front of their gifts. Abigail was thrilled.

Abigail got several doll related things, but also some more Duplos and Little Einstein figures - yeah for clearance specials.

Abigail spent the morning enjoying her new treasures.

Can you tell whether a cute little girl likes all of her holiday gifts?
The table actually doubles for building blocks. Abigail is very cute about not wanting to eat at it unless the top is on.

*The dolly bed has had to be put away more than once, but she is doing better with only using it for her dollies.
*I don't have any pictures, but we spent Christmas afternoon at my Grandma Riding's house - like we have done for years. We visit with cousins and enjoy sandwiches and holiday goodies.
*Our last Christmas activity was Christmas night with my family. We had a nice dinner and exchanged gifts. Plus, there was more giving by Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma Amy and Grandpa Kyle got these two cousins their own cleaning supplies - as it is what they like to do.

Abigail and Treyson found the whipped cream and had fun -- Those two are sneaky, but so cute!!
We are not sure about her recent love of bottles and pacifiers, but good thing her aunt doesn't mind her regularly taking of baby's things.
Abigail had a wonderful time, and that's what means the most to Daddy and I.
And a good time was had by all....