Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

This little girl is busy and cute as ever. Her first birthday is sneaking up on us fast. She almost has six teeth -- the last two are working on breaking through. She is widening her exploration zone more and more -- and not just staying in the living room. She loves pulling herself up on things, and mostly still laughs at us when we tell her "No!" We are also in the "separation anxiety" stage -- not always so thrilled when she discovers she will be staying with one of her grandmas without us.

She is full of so much love and keeps melting our hearts. How can your heart not melt when your baby is snuggling with you or when you are holding her while she sleeps and wonder where time goes (not even going to try and imagine how our parents feel)??

FUNNY STORY: (friend thought it was worthy of posting) I was at a Rancher's Market place yesterday, buying fresh stuff to attempt making baby food.... It is not uncommon for us to get people talking to us and Abigail loving the attention. Well, along with this Abigail lets out some high pitched shrill/screams to show her enthusiasm and talking attempts. Yesterday -- this about did two ladies in. Had the one been holding eggs, I am pretty sure they would have been broken. We were walking by as Abigail bursted out her excitement, and that poor lady let our her own scream -- but of fright. I didn't quite catch the other lady's reaction, but she was saying how she didn't know what that was. Anyway!! I apologized and explained she was just excited, and I worked on keeping Abigail's volume down for the remainder of our store trip.

As for John and I -- He keeps pretty busy with going to work everyday and school two afternoons a week (those are long days around here). I keep busy with projects (especially with a little girl's birthday and Christmas coming -- I am quite excited about it this year) and working two afternoons a week -- teaching piano lessons and playing for the Phoenix Children's Chorus Prep Choir.... Plus, my favorite is staying home with Abigail and seeing what she will do next.

We have pretty much graduated to having her bottles in a sippy cup -- What a big girl!

She was having such a fun time on the piano last night. When we don't put her on the bench, she is now reaching for the keys from the floor. Maybe, I will get at least one child who loves the piano like I do.

Wonder where I will find her next....

Friday, October 9, 2009

11 Months Old

I am having some number confusion in my brain because, today, while we were at the store, someone asked how old Abigail was. I replied that she would be eleven months on Sunday. Somehow in the conversation with the sweet ladies, dates were being mentioned and I suddenly realized that today she is eleven months old.... Crazy!! Sometimes, I really don't know what day we are on.... I need to get serious about planning her first birthday party!!

Little Missy here is just growing up so fast. She is mobile, pushing out teeth, eating well, getting some more hair, and just melting the hearts of her parents all the time. We are so grateful for her.... I am starting to get a little into "remembering" mode as I begin to think about where I was a year ago and all that happened in our lives (and the lives of loved ones) starting this month and leading up to Abigail's arrival -- This year has sure gone by fast -- and currently, I am waiting for the call to hear that my brother's little boy has arrived. Woohoo!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Because she's a cutie....

I couldn't help but post this really cute picture of my little princess. She is having so much fun moving around. Last night she actually found her way to the kitchen by herself (as compared to us bringing her in there). She has also been able to push through one of her upper side teeth, and a middle one is about out, too.... So cute!