Tuesday, December 27, 2011

September in a Snap

We started September celebrating Grandma Merrill's birthday. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed seeing everybody.

PRESCHOOL: Abigail started preschool. It is at our neighbor's home - so we don't go far. We mostly decided to start her so she could have opportunities to be with other children. She loves to see her friends each week - and she is learning lots, too.
On the first day she really had no interest in my desires to take pictures. She just wanted to go see her friends.

She really wasn't interested in my picture taking wishes - nor did she agree with my ideas of what to wear on the first day of school.... Oh well!! She still looked cute in her chosen outfit and hair style.... She chose everything.

We went on her first field trip to the museum at Falcon Field.... We had lots of fun!

She continues to enjoy going to dance class.... Her teacher does such a wonderful job!

Abigail is just getting so big so fast.... We are trying to savor our time with her. Sometimes all Mommy and Daddy can do is just smile at each other - because she melts our hearts.

Rapuzel is a favorite in our house.

These things bring Abigail lots of joy - I love that children find joy in little things.
My piano finally made it into the house....It still took some time to get it tuned, but we made progress slowly, but surely... and now we are trying to figure out how to make two pianos fit in our front room.

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